About Us



Jason Hoff

In July of 2020 an engineer and climber of several years created an etsy account to list a climbing hold he had created through 3D modeling. The listing was no more than a curiosity at first, with the old adage “Why not?” as its backbone. But through that listing JZNHolds was born and one listing became two, then five, then thirty. Jason became impassioned with the hold making process, and with the knowledge and tools of an engineer he refined every step of the process, from plastic selection to shaping to silicon molding. In just a few short months, Jason brought JZNHolds’ production line to industry standards and continues to work day in and day out to constantly bring our quality to the next level.





Austin Sivoravong

Austin, a full time routesetter and coach at Summit Climbing Yoga and Fitness, heard that one of his old friends was starting a climbing holds company. As a routesetter, Austin has a heightened appreciation and knowledge of plastic and hold shapes. Plus, it is every routesetter’s dream to shape their own line of holds, and Austin was no exception. In September 2020 Jason and Austin joined forces, engineer and routesetter working together. Austin brings a variety of skill sets to JZN and manages everything from our websites, shaping, social media, merchandise and anything else that needs doing.