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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the texture like? 

We are constantly making improvements to the texture of our holds. We aim for a texture that is similar to the texture you would find on holds at your local climbing gym. Our texture consistent and sticky but not overly abrasive.

How durable are the holds?

The holds are made of a polyurethane resin which has become the standard in the climbing hold industry because of its durability and strength. However, care should be used when handling any climbing hold as thin edges and corners of holds can become chipped or scratched.

What size bolts and screws do the holds use?

Bolt widths are 3/8'' and set screw holes fit a size #8 wood screw. Phillips or Torx screws (T-25 or T-20) are recommended. 



How long will it take to get my order?

Check the homepage for current handling times. We typically ship orders using USPS priority mail, which takes 2-4 business days to arrive at your door in the U.S and 6-10 days if you're in Canada.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship internationally to Canada (Flat rate $50 per order). Once we've grown larger we plan to expand our market overseas as well

When shipping to Canada, what carriers do you ship with?

We use either UPS or USPS priority international to ship to Canada depending on the size and weight of the package.